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toll collection right transfer must be in strict accordance

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China's Ministry of Transport, longchamp singapore National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Supervision,longchamp the State Council Office for Rectifying jointly issued a notice to prohibit the highway longchamp outlet violations of the government loan transfer or transferred into operating longchamp singapore outlet road on the 12th. Recently, some places in China to longchamp clearance set up the grounds of highway construction and financing platform, the transfer of long champ online road irregularities or change fee ownership. To this end, the five ministries issued a notice: ongchamp outlet online Prohibition of structural adjustment, the reorganization of assets, favorable financing and the name, longchamp messenger bagin violation of the toll road management regulations, and other relevant provisions of the government repayment highway, long champ including under construction or have been approved but not yet started construction repayment of the government road, long champ singapore into the operating highways, free to change the government loan highway properties. The notice pointed longchamp outlet singapore out that the toll road transfer of interest approach ", according to the Ministry of Transport, longchamp online the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance jointly issued the governmentauthentic longchamp outlet loan of toll collection right transfer must be in strict accordance with the prescribed procedures for longchamp messenger bag le pliage approval and bidding, in a timely manner to the public. The transfer of State Road (including the national trunk road and national longchamp le pliage messenger bag singapore highway network project), should be reported to the transportation of the State Council department in charge for approval;longchamp le pliage hobo other than toll collection right in the transfer of State Road, longchamp handbags outlet should be reviewed by the provincial transportation departments agreed to the provincial People's longchamp travel tote Government for approval , shall be reported to the transportation of the State Council longchamp hobo department in charge of the record. Notice that, longchamp backpack sale where failure of authority and procedures of the relevant laws and regulations have government longchamp embroidered loan highway into the operating highway construction and management, the seat of the provincial People's longchamp outlets Government in conjunction with the toll road special clean-up work, as soon as possible to develop rectificationlongchamp clearence program and the deadline for the organization and implementation, and ensure that the property of Longchamp Embroidered Bag the government loan Highway homing. Notice refers to government repayment road irregularities into the business road, longchamp outlets online increase fees or to extend the fee period to restore the original charging standards and deadline; wholesale longchamp handbags repayment road has been approved by the government, operating in the construction process to road and to ensure the construction of wholesale longchamp bags investment by domestic and foreign economic organizations should be required to process the original approval the unit re-approval.


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